Partisane is a communication agency.

Régine AboloMore than any other, the relationship between a company and its communication agency is based on trust and complicity . Because it deals with the company’s DNA to expose it to light , communication is a delicate and emotionally charged issue.

Behind Partisane, there is a communication professional who has evolved over twenty years in national and international environments, in both agencies and companies, for industries as diverse as banking, luxury, consulting, automotive, hospitality…

Partisane is driven by three core beliefs :

  • Communication is all about ideas. The choice and implementation of tools and actions come then to meet the objectives of targets, timelines and budget..
  • Communication is a space of freedom. When other departments of the company perform in a strict framework , the communication must act out of the box.
  • Successful corporate communication depends on the commitment of the agency towards his client, on the understanding of the company’s culture to translate it into concepts, words and actions.

To choose Partisane means preferring the proximity of a consultant to impersonal relationship with a large pr agency. It also means to secure the services of a professional committed to the success of your projects.

Régine Abolo